Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Talisha and I at Mesa Falls: 9-20-09

Sunday, Talisha and I drove up to Mesa Falls. It was Beautiful. The leaves are starting to change to fall colors and the vegatation is still very much thick and full.We hiked the trail that takes you just above the lower falls and we were able to watch a big mother bear and three cubs across the river for about 45 minutes as they fed on berries. (Those will be the four black spots in the blurry picture I have spent alot time in the outdoors but this experience is by far one of the most memorable. We were sitting on the edge of a small cliff about 40 ft. high above the waterfall, with a great view up and down the river. A bald eagle flew over head, the sun was beginning to set and the bears had no clue that we were there. It was just awesome to experience this with my wife.

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